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love it! i will have to look for one of those stands. also, can you share where you purchased the wooden piece with all the little drawers that the stamps are sitting on top of? i need something just like that for all my little bits. thanks!

Amy, glad you like it. And the wooden piece is "one of a kind." It was an antique my parents found for me. Each drawer is slightly different than the other and numbered on the back in old pen. It is an amazing piece that I LOVE but not sure where to tell you to find one other than to go "antiquing." :) Sorry I am not much more help. Have a great day!

Hi Patter!! :)

WOW... what a great idea to use the stand to rotate your stamps!! Now you can easily see them all. I totally LOVE that gorgeous piece your parents bought you too. What a classic piece... guess I'll have to go "antiquing" too!! :)

God bless & big hugs...


That is perfect! I too would like to know where to buy the acrylic stand. Please email me: [email protected]
Thanks so much. And I subscribed to your wonderful blog! Your creations are fantastic! :D

I love this idea to display individual stamps. Would you please email me where I can purchase this stand? Thank you......

Add me to the list - I also would like to know where you purchased the acrylic stand. It's perfect. You come up with the most wonderful ideas. Thx so much
[email protected]

where can I buy this stand? Great idea.

I would like a link on where to buy this stand too. I LOVE this idea!!

I would also like to know where you got the stand. Could you post a link to it or email me at [email protected]. Thanks so much!

Looks absolutely stunning! And I also love the cabinet it's sitting on. Just gorgeous!! STAND.. please!!! :)

That's a great idea! Its so much fun to try to think up alternate uses for everyday items for making art, storing art stuff, etc! Thanks.

Love this idea; would you email me the source at [email protected]

Thank you so much

I too would love to know where you purchased the acrylic stand!!! Love your organization.

What a brilliant idea for display!! Would you be able to provide me with the details on purchasing one of these? I work for a church adn am thinking this would be a great way to keep things in ordered in some of our cildrens misitry programs!
Email: [email protected]

Thanks so much for sharing! Love your website!!

I love your organization, and this stamp display is just what I've been looking for.
Could you please share your source?
[email protected] -Thanks

I love the idea of the acrylic stand, it really is perfect. Please send an email and let me know where to purchased this item. Thank you

I also would like to know where you purchased the acrylic stand. It is an awesome idea for a number of things.
I also just love how you have your room so organized. I am going to take some of your ideas & apply to my room which is semi organized. Love new ideas. Your are very creative.

I love it too. What a great idea. Where did you find this great storage idea.


Beautiful Pic and an awesome idea. Could you email me the info to purchase the acrylic stand?



I would like to know where to get the acrylic stand too! My email is [email protected] Thanks

Could you email me with info on the acrylic stand. Thanks. [email protected]

Would you please let me know where you got the acrylic stand as well? Thanks! Curt

i would love to know where you purchased this as i am looking to implement this in my craft room!

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