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July 21, 2011



Yum, that cupcake looks good! Dave, I bought your poinsettia wreath and matching stamp and I love it! It is so cool how the die cuts the wreath out so nice and crisp. Yeah, nice and crisp!! LOL! You need to do more wreaths down the road. More flower wreaths. And your dies are just fabulous! I bought the Delicate Vine die awhile back and finally used it the other day and it is so lovely! You are the only one doing dies that are more delicate. And I bought Nightfall and Yuletide. Swoon! They are wonderful! Are you going to put out some stamps with those bears?! I see the one bear on the patterned paper that you released last Xmas season. But there are some real cuties on this paper! Well, thanks and love seeing your travels with the family.

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