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Sun 06

Blitz Winners

Here is a list of the winners from our last blog blitz.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Winner of the Snowman Heart Collage die from Laura's post- Jean Marmo

Winner of the Pinecone Collage die from Anne's post- Lindy

Winner of the Tisdale Snowflake Collage from Melissa's post- Sue LD

Winner of the Piccolo Snowflake from Jean's post- P Nelson

Winner of the Home for the Holiday die from Donna's post- Suzy Que

Winner of the Snowy Cabin die from Melissa's post-Eleanor Jenkins

Winner of the Little Candle die from Penny's post-Pssequimages

Congratulations to the winners.  I have sent you all emails to get you information.